Pool Maintenance

You won't have to worry about your pool maintenance with Bluestone Pools.

You won't have to worry about your pool maintenance with Bluestone Pools .   With every Pool built by us you get a Full valet service for 4 weeks after completion, including all chemicals required

At Bluestone Pools we offer a full range of onsite services for the pool owner from:

  • Pumps....  for Swimming pool and Spas,  repaired or New pump installation
  • Filters....  Upgraded or filter sand replacement, cartridge repalcements
  • Heatpumps....    Installed, and existing heat pumps serviced and repaired
  • Solar heating systems....  Installed and repaired
  • Blankets and bubble covers....  Swimming Pool thermal heat retention and solar blankets
  • Automatic Pool cover & rollers Systems....  Installed with new pools or retro fitted or serviced
  • Spa covers and cover lifters....  For any shaped spa
  • Automatic Pool Chemical dosing systems....  For an easy care pool, No worries chemical balance
  • Enviroswim....  Chlorine free systems
  • Salt chlorinators....  Installed and repaired
  • Pool Automation....  TPS, Rolachem, Chemigem systems installed new, or serviced and calibrated
  • Automatic pool cleaners....   Supplied , or repaired , takeing the chore out of a clean pool
  • Leak detection....  Pipework pressure testing
  • Underwater repair....  Emergency repair by scuba diver
  • Light upgrades....   Repairs and replacement
  • Pool valet services....  Green pool recovery, one off, regular and monthly, fornightly contract
  • and much more.......


Whatever your pool issues , we can sort it out Fast ! 

Contact us today to organize a personal onsite service from our team.

Our Valet service .....

We tailor our service to suit your needs.

We offer a full valet service available , weekly, fortnightly, monthly or a combination for summer and winter demands

In which time we attend to the following:

  • Clear skimmer and pump baskets.
  • Backwash / rinse sand filter & or rinse cartridge filter.
  • Chemical balance checked and adjusted.
  • Pool shock dose.
  • General machinery and plantroom check.
  • Vacuum of pool floor
  • Spa pool water balance checked and adjusted
  • Spa pool non chlorine shock

For further information on how we can help you , contact us today.